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The Supernatural Life Podcast with Chad Gonzales

Nov 5, 2019

God wants your spirit, soul and body to be whole - nothing missing and nothing broken.  Jesus paid the price for all three, but unfortunately, we have taken our cues from the world and have committed our spirit to God but our mind and bodies to man.  Find out more in this month's episode of The Supernatural Life Podcast...

Oct 8, 2019

Does getting blind eyes to be healed seem like a big deal?  Well, if it does, you are in the majority...but it's time we change that!

The bigger something is in your mind, the harder it will seem and the less results you will get.  Learn more in this exciting episode of The Supernatural Life Podcast with...

Sep 6, 2019

chad gonzales ministries

Aug 2, 2019

When Jesus ministered to the sick, He never focused on the way it was; He focused on the way it was supposed to be.  Our focus is vital to our success in ministering to people.  Whatever you are focused on is what will be most real to you.

Scriptures referenced: Mark 3:1-5; Mark 5:35-43; Mark 10:46-52

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Jul 10, 2019

In this podcast, Chad deals with a major yet subtle problem amongst Christians: we are trying to heal ourselves!  You were never meant to save yourself or heal yourself and yet we are trying to do so and calling it faith.  The answer for healing is simple and it's not what most of us are doing.

Scriptures referenced:...